Fuentenebro · Viñedos tradicionales en las laderas más altas


In the rugged land south of Ribera del Duero, we unfold the horizon towards a wine that has the freshness and special energy provided by altitude. These new steps in the trajectory of our family have arisen from a respect for traditional viticulture and recovering old vines in a village with a name for the future: Fuentenebro.

The thousand-metre frontier

Between steep thickets and mountain meadows, paths leave Fuentenebro to reach vineyards that exceed 1,000 metres. They seem lifted by the wind, wedged between two worlds. To the north, the valleys leading to the Duero, to the south, the Serrezuela, bordering the Ribera.
Fuentenebro · La frontera de los 1.000 metros

Land of forgotten mines

The foothills of the sierra are rich in mica, feldspar and quartz. There was a time when mining scarred the landscape and filled the towns of the area with activity. The testimony of rifts and openings that dot the gentle slopes remains. And we may even find old mining galleries if we dig deep into some vineyards.

Reddish soils

The Fuentenebro vineyard seems to ride upon huge red waves. The clay substratum paints the cultivated hills, steep rocks and waters of the small mountain lagoons. And our boots are always tinted with an intense colour when we return from the grape harvest.
Hojas Rojizas · Fuentenebro Cepa · Fuentenebro

The purity to come

We will soon drink the fruit of these landscapes of clay, wind and light. Our project is as much about idealism as it is about recognising the viticultural tradition of these high vineyards among junipers. We have come to produce from these vines a wine full of life and sensitivity based on a respect for centuries of wisdom.
Botellero · Botellas de Vino · Fuentenebro