O Luar Do Sil · Valdeorras · Granito, pizarra y godello. Esencia de Valdeorras

O Luar Do Sil

The search for new paths and the attraction of great white wines lead us to the slopes of Valdeorras. Nestled among imposing mountains, small vineyards contemplate the passage of the river Sil. This is the domain of Godello, the white grapes that know how to express the climate and geology of this corner of Galicia.

The mineral valley

Hills of granite and slate, clay and xabre. The land in Valdeorras is rich in minerals and, at the same time, conducive to crops of an artisan spirit, difficult and yet generous with effort. Ancestral viticulture takes advantage of the enigmatic energy of the soils in this landscape dotted with villages.

The voice of history

For millennia, this elongated valley, gateway to Galician lands, has allowed the passage of a variety of peoples and cultures. Forts, villages, towns and mines. And archaeological remains that indicate the presence of vines and wine presses. Generations collect and reinterpret the legacy of a long history.
La voz de la historia · Castros, villas, pueblos, minas. Y los rastros arqueológicos que indican la presencia de vides y lagares.

In praise of smallholdings

Physical conditions impose an extremely fragmented agriculture. Small vineyards and manual labour have in turn preserved ancient idiosyncrasies. Viticulture is an intimate dialogue with nature in this inland region of Atlantic and continental influences.
Elogio del Minifundio · La viticultura es un diálogo íntimo con la naturaleza. Las viñas mínimas y el trabajo manual han preservado, a su vez, la idiosincrasia antigua.· La viticultura es un diálogo íntimo con la naturaleza.

Reigning variety

Godello. A name of historical significance that a handful of brave winegrowers rescued from oblivion half a century ago. This white variety is today once again displaying its purity and definition. With humility and greatness on the slopes of Valdeorras.

Cultivating is caring

Vineyard work here is part of an overall effort of preservation. We adapt tillage to each type of soil; we harvest by hand; we take care of each vine individually and, at the same time, step by step, we manage to recover small, very old vineyards. Employing a respectful viticulture, we help to return to the land everything that it has given to us.

Achieving character

A faithful reflection of the clays of Seadur, the slate of Córgomo and the sands of Larouco. The wines of O Luar do Sil, devoted to their most specific environments and the evocative promise of their names, offer in their structure the interpretation of an intense, fresh, pure and mineral classicism.