Pago de
Los Capellanes

From the slopes of Manvirgo to the serene course of the Duero, the most renowned Designation of Origin zone. A cluster of plots of local vines in the countryside of Pedrosa, on the hills of Mambrilla, on the slopes of La Horra and Gumiel. This is our origin; this is our Ribera.

Extreme climate

We are both an orchard of vines and a harsh high plateau, and this very striking contrast is clearly reflected in a climate of extremes. At the height of ripening, the unusual temperature range between hot days and cold nights explains the character of the grapes, which are subjected to efforts that gives rise to their impressive balance.

Ideal soils

A calcareous soil of clay, sand and gravel supports the life of Tempranillo vines, a variety known locally as tinto fino. This type of land provides good drainage and adequate reserves of hydration and temperature to leave a velvet and mineral imprint on the wines.
Pago de Los Capellanes · Viñas

Viticulture with respect

Wine is made in the vineyard and it is in the vineyard where we put all our efforts to express with transparency and honesty the unique personality of the place. Following the best traditions of our origins, vineyard management is meticulous, with an awareness of our surroundings and committed to the diversity and richness of ecosystems.

Precision in the field

Each vineyard is unique and in each plot we implement a tailor-made viticulture. Tillage depends on the specific conditions of their soils as much as on the climatic features of the vintage. In the final part of the cycle, we observe and care for the vineyard exhaustively to ensure its health and balance. We select the grapes in the field, harvest by hand and seek to preserve their most typical characteristics and quality.

The realm of structure

A selected, precise and limited harvest in the vineyard. Careful fermentation and maturation processes in the winery. And over time, one observation is renewed with each vintage: the tannic energy of our red wines works to crown a singular, unique structure. The essence of a fine, clean and lively strength.
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Time of pleasure

The charm of our vineyard landscapes possesses a grace that sometimes we cannot explain. It is the voice of nature, to which our cultivation brings a uniquely defined style and culture. By following traditions and wisdoms, by respecting the talents of winegrowers in our area and by taking on our family legacy, we obtain wines that ultimately lead to the experience of pleasure.