Parcela El Nogal

The sheltering tree

Parcela El Nogal · Pago de los Capellanes · Bodegón
Parcela El Nogal

Pago de los Capellanes

Parcela El Nogal · Pago de los Capellanes · Fondo Blanco

A hillside of tinto fino vines red in the village of Mambrilla, a short distance from the winery. Uninterrupted views of the Duero, the wind stirring the airy branches of the large walnut tree that guards the vineyard. A place with a special gift. Its sandy, stony soils, a feeling of harmony and a special microclimate: everything seems to enhance the talent of its surroundings.

We have been vinifying the evocative grapes of this plot for the past few years to produce an endlessly charming wine. Overwhelming, powerful and exquisite. With a vitalising force.

Parcela el Nogal · Pago de los Capellanes
Origin From the plot of El Nogal in Mambrilla de Castrejón.
Viticulture Tempranillo vines grown at an altitude of 850 metres, in sandy loam soils, stony and of very poor fertility.
Ageing 22 months in 225-litre, extra-fine grain, medium toast French oak barrels.