Parcela El Picón


Parcela El Picón · Pago de Los Capellanes · Bodegón
Parcela El Picón

Pago de los Capellanes

Parcela El Picón · Pago de Los Capellanes · Fondo blanco

There are afternoons with indigo skies when we approach one of the oldest plots of the estate. Our stroll from the winery follows a line of cypress trees to the corner of a path. This angle gives its name to our most exceptional vineyard.

El Picón is the great symbol and the most profound reality. The sum of enigmas in a beautiful, pure fruit. The wine of silence and intimate joy, an eternal taste in which generations, labours and nature’s favours culminate.

Racimo de Uva de Parcela el Picón
Origin Grapes from the plot of El Picón, one of the oldest at the Pago de los Capellanes estate in Pedrosa de Duero.
Viticulture 1.6 hectares of clay loam soil with surface gravel. Very poor fertility and very low vineyard yields.
Ageing 22 months in 225-litre, extra-fine grain French oak barrels dried over 60 months.