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Crianza · Pago de Los Capellanes · Bodegón

Pago de los Capellanes

Crianza · Pago de Los Capellanes · Fondo Blanco

The offspring of a demanding land, of cold hillocks and of perseverance. Crianza is the essential wine. Balance and integrity. It displays the fine manners of experience and the grace of plethoric vine. Juicy black fruit on the palate inviting you to eat well and feel good.

But there is more. Crianza maintains an invisible pact with the landscape. An imperceptible force that brings us closer to the truth of the place. And instantly turns extreme climate vineyards into the most welcoming place in the world.

Origin Grapes from vineyards with an average age of 25 years selected in the towns of Pedrosa de Duero, La Horra and Gumiel del Mercado.
Viticulture Tempranillo vines in clay limestone soils, poor in organic matter and of very low fertility.
Ageing 5 months in 300-litre French oak barrels.